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About Emma Louise Art Stitch

Slightly Dodgy Stitched Selfie

             Stitched Selfie

About Emma Louise Art Stitch – The Process

It is easy to be inspired by the awesome scenery to be found in Cornwall. I have always had a creative streak, though it wasn’t until relatively recently that I took time out of the usual 9-5 work, hassle and “grown up” distractions we all have to just play around with old crafty stuff again! I started out by throwing some acrylic at canvas and was pleased to see that the results seemed to resemble what I was trying to do. Around this time I also revisited an old hobby of Cross Stitching and wondered if I could combine the two.

I stitched St Ives as my first original design and it seemed well received so I decided to turn it into a cross stitch kit.

I have since been frantically designing and stitching new cross stitch creations of my Acrylic paintings. Althougn it is fair to say that my mind works far faster than my stitchy fingers, so mid stitching I may well get distracted by another idea..I’m trying to keep this in check. This didn’t start out as a business but more an outlet for my passion, but now it does also involve a lot of hard work. There is a lot of painstaking charting and re-stitching to complete the final kit. It really isn’t as easy as it looks…

The Process

Step 1 – Visit beautiful places that inspire me and take many pictures of different aspects of the scene. (this may or may not include a Pasty!)…

Step 2 – Decide on a composition and then paint it in Acrylic. I often combine elements of different photos and try to capture the feel of the place whilst giving it my own style. I tend to use a lot of bright colours and do try and keep as many key features as I can so that the locations are hopefully still recognisable.

Step 3 – Design the kit! This incorporates a number of steps including size, layout and thread colour choice. The time consuming part consists of translating the painting into a cross stitch chart. Using Charting Software (and at times good old fashioned squared paper..!) I graphically design each square. Each stitch is carefully considered and not imported straight into photo reading software in order to create the artistic effect.

Step 4 – Stitch, stitch and Re–Stitch. I Hand stitch the finished design personally so that I can make any amendments to the chart as I go along to achieve the best results until I have the finished article. I also want to make sure that I have put enough of each thread colour in the kits.

Step 5 – Complete the paperwork, try not to get too tangled in threads and assemble the kit! I make a special effort to ensure that the charts are easy to read, with distinctly different symbols for each thread colour.

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